FREE Microchipping from Dogs Trust

You can now have your dog microchipped free of charge at a Dogs Trust rehoming centre, or at an event near you…and now even at your local vet*!

Microchipping helps identify your dog if lost or stolen and it will soon be a legal obligation for all dogs to be chipped**– so don’t miss out.



Click here to find out where and when to get your dog chipped for FREE at one of our microchipping events.

Click here for your nearest vet offering FREE microchipping from Dogs Trust.

Click here to find your nearest Dogs Trust rehoming centre for FREE dog microchipping.



Once your dog has been chipped, if you move house or change your telephone number you MUST update your details on the microchipping database as soon as possible – you can only be reunited with your dog if your contact details are correct.

It’s really quite simple to do; if you need to update the details for your dog’s microchip, you can do so on the phone, online or via post – it depends on the database your dog is registered on.

Don’t worry if you are not sure which microchip database your dog’s chip is registered on, simply contact any of the below databases and they will redirect to the appropriate one.

Here are the contact numbers for the database your dog would normally be registered with in the UK:

  • Anibase 01904 487600
  • PetIdentity UK 01744 733229
  • PetLog 0844 4633999
  • Pet Protect 0800 0778558
  • Pettrac 0800 6529977
  • Smarttrac 0844 5420999


Please Note:

At the free chipping events…

•You can bring more than one dog to the event.

•We can chip puppies, but strongly recommend that they are fully vaccinated.

•We cannot chip cats or other pets.


At participating vets…

•*Please call 0330 123 0334 to find your nearest participating vet to make an appointment.

•Vets cannot chip cats or other pets through our campaign.


At Dogs Trust rehoming centres…

  • Please call your nearest rehoming centre to make an appointment.


**By March 2015 in Wales and April 2016 in England.